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Los Angeles based ME Digital Capture is a boutique digital capture service providing an experienced Phase One Certified Professional digital capture technician, as well as on-site photo editing, RAW processing and photo retouching for professional photographers. I use the latest Mac computer systems and software ensuring maximum speed and security on any shoot anywhere in the world.

LA Digital Technician

From on-site preview to final submission, I am a highly knowledgeable Phase One Certified Professional digital technician who will handle your files with experience and efficiency and am accustomed to supporting high-end clients on a variety of jobs. My computer systems and software are constantly upgraded, ensuring maximum speed and security with your product.

LA Digital Tech

I bring your vision to life. Digital photography’s RAW format contains massive amounts of information that can be processed in nearly infinite ways. I work with you to ensure that every aspect of your images, including exposure, brightness, color temperature, contrast, and saturation all combine to create your vision.

Los Angeles Photo Retouching

I specialize in high-end beauty, fashion, entertainment, and commercial retouching. As an expert in Photoshop I use industry standard retouching techniques to quickly and efficiently accomplish everything from simple blemish removal to complex image compositing while retaining and enhancing texture and delivering flawless results.